Environmental protection is the eternal theme of the times, so we should start with the changes. Even simple cotton swabs have their environmental protection side. Today we will understand the importance of purification cotton swabs for environmental protection.

Cotton swab products are common in our daily life and in the medical industry. However, the cotton swabs we used before are not only easy to slag, but also waste a lot of wood as raw materials. This is a kind of damage to the environment. In addition, these The cotton swab can only be used once, and a lot of material is wasted. The new generation of Shenzhen purification cotton swabs can avoid this very well. It can be more environmentally friendly and has been used many times. Even after it is discarded, it can be perfectly recycled.

Purification cotton swab has obvious environmental protection function, because its material is made of fine fiber, and it can be recycled many times, and it does not pollute the environment, so its environmental protection effect is obvious.

The pores of the purification cotton swab are as many as one million, which can prevent debris from falling, and has strong wear resistance to rough surfaces, and it can better absorb dust, so that dust has nowhere to escape. People’s most important standard for cotton swabs is that they can complete dust-free purification. Indeed, the dust-free purification of cotton swabs has reached the extreme. It is simply the industry’s pioneer model and the most desirable convenient material.

Cotton head is the key point of cotton swab function, and it is also the most in need of reform and innovation. Purification cotton swab is the style of reformed cotton swab, and the cotton head is made of advanced materials, so that the cotton head is not easy to deform, and the cotton head can still be used. Free rotation provides the possibility for a dust-free environment.

Post time: Jun-09-2021